I hope this message finds you healthy and safe at home. These are difficult times, and all the more strange that we must pull together by keeping our distance from one another. This isn't an easy pill to swallow. The whole world could use a big hug, but hugging is the exact thing we can't do right now.

I look forward to hugging a lot of people when this is over.

I've been mostly concerned with trying to figure out how and where to help. Staying home - social distancing - is the most important thing. It might not feel like it, but it is the best thing we can each do to help each other right now. Food banks and other non-profits need our help. If you can give, this is the time to do it.

My fellow musicians are getting hit hard by this. Nobody is gigging now, and professional musicians are a vulnerable group. It's usually not a career that comes with job security or company health benefits. If you can help:

  • If you take lessons, one thing you can do right now is continue your lessons with Facetime, Skype, or some other online lesson. 
  • Buy music and merch directly from your favorite artists' websites.
  • Subscribe to the online concerts that are springing up everywhere.

Portland's Alberta Rose Theatre is offering a series of twenty streaming concerts featuring some of Portland's favorite acts. The whole series is $100 per ticket. That's a huge bargain. This seems like a great way to support an iconic venue, support local artists, and provide some musical relief for yourself during this time of sheltering at home. The series is THE PORTLAND MUSIC STREAM.

Jazz Foundation of America is raising funds to directly help New York and New Orleans jazz artists who have had all of their work canceled due to the pandemic. You can GIVE HERE. I've been told this is one of the finest organizations of this type.

Music is a gift, and it can and should be a part of getting us through this. 

Stay connected with friends and family. Keep doing things, getting exercise, eating right. Be kind to others and yourself.

Keep up the hope.

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