"Three Cups of Coffee"


"Three Cups of Coffee" was written back in mid-1990s and appeared on the Coming Home CD. For years, I've been using this tune to loosen up my playing early in shows. It's a fun one for me, though taking the lyrics literally would probably kill me at this point. I remember writing this after an impromptu jam session while camping on Orcas Island. I've gotten as much mileage out of this song as any song I've written.


In making the video, I had the help of two fabulous professionals here in Portland. David Hedberg shot and directed the video, and producer/engineer Daniel Rosenberg did the audio work. All I had to do was sit down, play, and sing. This was a first take, and our whole operation took about two hours. I had a good time working with both these guys, and we'll be doing a few more of these together.







The guitar used in this video is a classifieds ad find. It's a Simon & Patrick Woodland Pro Folk Sunburst from Godin Guitars, a company probably best known for their Seagull line of acoustic guitars. It's all solid wood, with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides. This little blues box isn't a super expensive guitar, but it is perfect for the fingerstyle playing I do on tunes like this one. It's also easy on the eyes. It definitely has job security working for me.


Simon & Patrick Woodland Pro Folk Sunburst


"Three Cups of Coffee" written & performed by Chuck Cheesman, copyright Chuck Cheesman/Punkins Papa Music (ASCAP)



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