"Election Night"




"Election Night" is a song I wrote right before the election of President Barack Obama in 2008. I have a little personal history with Obama since he brought his family to my Wiggleworms™ children's music classes back when I taught at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music. Nice guy, beautiful family. I'd never have guessed he would have been our president in a few short years.


I recorded a solo acoustic demo of "Election Night" that got played on a few folk radio shows, and then we used the same recording on my Imagining Dancers CD.


The guitar I'm playing here was found at a garage sale only three days before we shot the video. It's a Larrivee OM-03, which is a basic, solid wood guitar without any fancy decorations—but it sounds great! I've never bought a guitar that was so filthy, and I earned my good deal by having to scrub dirt and grime off the guitar. I even had to use soap and water on the fingerboard with an old toothbrush. Once it was clean and had a new set of strings, I knew I had a winner. Even Jill and the kids commented on the warmth. My daughter Casey said the sound had a "sparkle" to it! Who am I to disagree?


David Hedberg shot this video and another that he is still editing. This time I went back to John Neff for the audio. John is a great guy who goes back a long way in the business. He played guitar on the hit "I Can See Clearly Now", has done recording work with Journey and members of Steely Dan, and did a ton of work with filmmaker David Lynch. In fact, because of John's extensive work in film I was looking forward to introducing him to David.


Those classic amplifiers and guitars you see in the video all belong to John. He has some real treasures in his arsenal of gear. There's a juicy story that goes along with that stuff, but that's John's story to tell. He has earned that gear working in the music industry over five decades. My music business guru Lisa Lepine introduced me to John, and I'm grateful for that. 


David is working on editing the second video now, and I'm looking forward to sharing that one with you as well. Enjoy!


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