"Black Friday Stomp"


"Black Friday Stomp" is one of the more fun songs I've written — meaning I had a lot of fun writing it! This is a piece of satire, and it is a companion song to a tune I wrote called "Fourth of July: Made in China" that plays with that crazy intersection of American consumerism and our (supposedly) deeply held convictions.


Like my other recent videos ("Milkstache Blues") this was shot over at Fremont Recording with my friend Brud Giles handling all the audio and video. It's a simple production. I believe he uses a GoPro camera and some video from his iPhone. We record to tape, and then Brud bounces it all to the digital world. Easy peasy.


It seems like I'm using a different guitar in every video. I chose a Taylor GS-Mini Mahogany for this one simply because it is a fun little guitar. It's probably the first travel guitar I have ever owned that I enjoy playing so much that I have a hard time putting it down. I have been using this at a lot of my Dancing With No Shoes On! gigs because I can carry it on my back and then haul a banjo or ukulele along. The children like it when I bring more toys!


Yes. That is one of those controversial, red Starbucks cups down there by my feet.


If you're inclined to try your hand at playing this one, 'tis the season. Here is a free .pdf file of the "Black Friday Stomp" lyrics and chords. Enjoy! And thanks for listening! 




Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!



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